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Beverage Menu

Non Alcoholic

Pepsi Products 2.00
Iced Tea 2.00
Coffee 2.00
Fruit Juice (No Refill) 2.50
Milk (No Refill) 2.50
Shirley Temple (No Refill) 2.50

Tea Bar

Japanese Green Tea 3.00
Jasmine Green Tea 3.00


Domestic Beer

Budweiser 3.00
Bud Light 3.00
Michelob Ultra 3.00
Miller Lite 3.00
Coors Light 3.00
O'Doul's N/A 3.00
Yueng Ling 3.00

Import & Craft Beer

Sappoto (20 oz) 6.50
Asahi (20 oz) 6.50
Singha 4.50
Sapporo 3.75
Kirin lchiban 3.75
Kirin Light 3.75
Tsing Tao 3.75
Tiger 3.75
Samuel Adamas Boston Lager 3.75
Guinness 3.75
Heineken 3.75
Corona 3.75
Stella Artrois 3.75
Blue Moon 3.75
Magir Hat #9 3.75

White Wines

Glass Bottle


Canyon Road, California
Fresh crispy Fuji apple, pineapple, sweet aromatics & brown spice with ripe lime
4.50 16.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington
Bright & juicy, with a silky-smooth creamy texture
7.50 28.00
Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve, California
Lush & rich yet dry with balanced acidity
8.50 33.00

Sauvignon Blanc

Whitehaven, Marlborough
Powerful, lifted notes of gooseberry fruit flavor & grapefruit pith adds to aromas of freshly cut herbs
8.00 31.00
Eccon Domani, Italy
Full bodied with good minerality & a crispy finish pinot grigio
6.00 22.00


Pacific Rim, Washington
Floral, honeyed aromas of apricot, pear, rich with clean, crisp acidity
6.00 22.00


Mirassou, California
Intense fruit aromas of orange blossom, peaches, pineapple & rice citrus
7.00 26.00

White Zinfandel

Sutter Home, California
Floral aromas & flavor of strawberry, melon, fresh & fruity
4.00 15.00

Sparkling Wine

Freixenet "Cordon Negro", Spain 7.00

Red Wines

Glass Bottle

Pinot Noir

MacMurray Ranch, California
Expressive flavors of red fruits & fresh, earthy notes
9.00 34.00


Yellowtail, Australia
rich, spicy blackberry fruit flavors, with a lingering tannin finish
5.50 17.00

Red Blend

Apothic, California
Fruit aromas and flavor of rhubarb & black cherry, hints of mocha & vanilla
7.00 26.00


Alamos, Mendoza, Argentina
Blackberry fruit flavors with oak characteristics & a lingering finish
6.00 22.00


Canyon Road, California
Fruit flavors are complimented by soft, rounded tannins
4.50 16.00
Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve, California
Supple tannins with notes of red currants & fresh herbs
9.00 34.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

BV Coastal, California
Medium tannis & a long, lingering, vanilla & mocha finish
6.00 22.00


Francis Coppola, California
Bordeaux blend with wild berries, cassis, vanilla & exotic spices
9.25 35.00

Plum Wine

Kikkoman, California
Only American-made plum wine that is actually made with plums, not syrupy sweet but has a full-fruit taste
4.25 15.00


House Sake, Sho Chiku Bai
We have picked this sour house sake due to its well-balanced flavor. Compliment sushi, sashimi & grilled meat
(S)6.00 (L)11.00
Name Sake (Organic)
Full bodied sake with a hint of fruity aromas
(S)6.00 (L)14.00
Ozeki Nigori Junmai (Unfiltered)
Rich & creamy, this unfiltered sake is milky in color & preserves the essence of the rice
(S)6.00 (L)14.00
Akita Homare
For those that accept nothing but the best...Akita Homare uses the best sake brewing rice fermented with natural spring water. Distinctive aromas of ginjol. Best served chilled or on the rocks
(S)8.00 (L)14.00
Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo
Quality sake that has been brewed at lower temperatures that other sakes in order to maximize the flavor of the rice
(S)6.50 (L)14.00

Sake by the Bottle

Ozeki Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake (250 ml Bottle Only)
A cheerful balance of bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors & tangy bubbles
Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling Sake (250 ml Bottle Only)
A light sparkling sale that comes in its own decorative bottle
Osakaya Chobei (330 ml) 20.00
Ozeki Dry (180 ml Bottle Only)
This airy sake is light, dry & delicate on the palate with a refreshing fruitiness

Featured Cocktails

We Proudly Feature Ty-Ku Soju
Subslilute this low calore soiu lol any vodka and enjoy youl cocklais wlthoul worry!!


Pomegranate Dream
Sake, pomegranate juice, splash of lime, soda, shaken & poured in to a martini glass
Mango Madness
Sake, mango juice, soda, shaken & poured into a martini glass
Cosmo Sake-tini
Cranberry juice, lime juice & a splash of sake
Orange Dragon
Sake, orange juice, pineapple juice, splash of lime juice shaken & served in a martini glass


Blue Ginger Margarita
top shelf tequila & Cointreau make this margarita a first glass experience
Singapore Sling
A mixture of cherry brandy & gin is classic drink for Asian bars
This is a favorite for a reason. Fruity goodness with a punch
Dark Side of the Moon
Served in a high ball, this cocktail is perfedt for chocolate lovers
Crouching Tiger
Premium Vodka, peach schnapps, a splash of grenadine. Beware.. This cocktail goes down easy, but the name says it all


Green Dragon
Vodka & melon liqueur, fused together with pineapple juice & a dash of champagne
This is our "lucky" Martini... Made with Premium vodka, Chambord & pineapple topped off with a splash of Chamagne
Sawmill Road Cosmo
The traditional cosmopolitan
the Dublin Razz
Raspberry vodka is the base ofr this martini that is so good we named it after Dublin
Zen Chocolate
Have you been good enough to enjoy this decadent delight?
We think you have!!
Cherry Lemonade
A refreshing martini with Vodka, Lemonade & a splash of grenadine
Sour Apple Martini
Premium Vodka with Dekyper Sour Apple Pucker - Yummy!
Ty-ku Blowpop
Ty-ku Citrus Liqueur, Vodka, & Lemonade. Have a Blow Pop Today!