spicy Hot & Spicy     raw Raw     peanut Contains Peanut

Soup and Salad

spicyHot & Sour Soup 2.99
Miso Soup
Tofu, dashi soup stock, miso paste, green onions
spicyTom Yam Soup
Shrimp, garlic, galangal, lime leaf, Thai chilies, lemongrass, mushroom, pineapple
Wonton Soup 4.49
House Green Salad 5.99
rawSashimi Salad
Raw tuna & salmon sashimi over mixed green with special pepper wasabi sauce and mayo
Seaweed Salad with Mango 7.99
spicyVietnamese Salad
Chinese napa, fresh mango, jicama & crunchy rice stick noodles, topped with Vietnamese salad dressing & peanut
spicyKani Salad
Shredded crab stick mixed with cucumber, tobiko, cornes with spring mayo on top